LaserShip Last Mile Delivery Offers Creative Solutions

LaserShip creative solutions meet your shipping needs, not ours. We have built flexibility into our infrastructure so that we are able to offer a variety of options to you. With one day service hubs that reach into the Northeast mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Florida, we are able to accommodate your special requests most of the time. You can always be assured that we will do whatever we can do to provide the services that you need. Unlike one-size-fits-all delivery companies, we specialize in unique delivery options. For the past 26 years, we have worked with our customers and partners in almost every industry to design solutions for them. We will do the same for you.

Here are a few facts about LaserShip Next Day delivery, one of our most popular delivery options:

  • 75% of our Next Day deliveries are residential. We deliver to these addresses by 8pm the next day. Businesses receive their deliveries by 6pm when they are open.
  • Our 600 LaserShip employees and over 2,500 independent couriers are devoted to on-time delivery.
  • Residential delivery experts know how to get through leasing offices and doormen, and to your customer’s address.
  • Extended critical pull times extend your work day.
  • Accelerated delivery times fill your customers’ needs.
  • Saturday and Sunday delivery are offered.

There Are Many More Reasons to Use LaserShip Delivery

The reasons to turn to LaserShip delivery go on and on, such as the fact that you have full visibility of where your delivery is located every step of the way via your PC. We are prepared for rapidly changing market conditions, and our expert independent couriers know the front and back roads to get deliveries there in the fastest way possible.

We Care about LaserShip Reviews

When our customers submit LaserShip reviews, we listen. Our goal is to have every single delivery arrive on time and in the same condition it was in when we picked it up. We care about your need to get your deliveries to their destination, and our business operates on the premise that we will not be satisfied until this happens. We invite you to submit your reviews, questions, compliments and thank you notes to us, because we do listen.

We provide a Feedback Form for you to use that can be found by clicking on our Contact Us link and then on Feedback Form from the dropdown menu. Thank you ahead of time for letting us know how your experience went with our LaserShip team. We have 600 devoted LaserShip employees and 2,500 independent carriers who work diligently to get your shipments where they need to go.

We Receive Positive LaserShip Reviews from the Industries We Serve

Some of the industries that use us to keep their supply chain moving smoothly are these:

E-Commerce – Many of our customers have found that offering LaserShip delivery has helped their sales for several reasons. We allow you to work later because of later pickup times, and our flexibility means that we will do everything possible to meet your needs.

Pharmaceutical – Serving every branch of the pharmaceutical industry, including wholesale, retail, long-term care and home infusion are our specialties. We know that patients rely on their medical supplies and medicines, so we get them to their destinations safely and on time.

Life Sciences – We have become the number one partner for the country’s leading hospital groups because of our reliability and fast delivery. Understanding that an unbroken, visible chain of custody is of utmost importance when delivering blood products, lab specimens, x-rays, medical supplies and interoffice mail is part of our expertise and knowledge that will benefit your organization

Many other industries rely on our accurate, fast, on-time services at LaserShip.

Try Our LaserShip Global Priority Service for Urgent Deliveries Anywhere

LaserShip Global Priority Delivery is available for you when you need the absolute fastest delivery possible, no matter where your shipment needs to go. Our team of delivery experts supports the next-flight-out logistics of your most challenging domestic and international delivery demands. They will quickly create solutions that keep your budget in mind as they find the fastest method of shipment. Many time-critical businesses use our Global Priority delivery, including these:

  • Aviation
  • Medical
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Entertainment
  • Technology

Next Flight Out, Express Freight, On Board Courier, Air Charter, and International Global Delivery services are all available to accomplish your delivery needs. Our LaserShip Global Priority Delivery experts will help you choose the best way to accomplish your delivery goals, as they have done for thousands of other customers who needed to quickly get a shipment delivered in the absolute fastest way possible.

LaserShip Offers Customized Pricing Based on Your Shipping Patterns

Our LaserShip creative cost control options are designed to accomplish your delivery at the most affordable fees. Our all-inclusive door-to-door charges will save you money on shipping. We also have international tariff experts who know ways to save you money. We use a variety of faster alternative charter, commercial aircraft, and truck deliveries that can be viewed from your PC at all times. If your shipment is in the air, you can see where it is with “Flight Aware” visibility. Our Operations Center is staffed 24/7/365 in case you need to speak with someone, and you will have a single point-of-contact throughout all steps of the shipping process. Another feature of our service is an invoice library to manage and analyze costs. You can easily order, track and report.

LaserShip Reviews on Our Same Day Delivery

Businesses that use our LaserShip Same Day delivery give us the best LaserShip reviews possible. When law firms or other offices need to get files or other important documents to the opposite end of a busy urban area, they call on us for courier service that is often much faster than any other way of getting their package where it needs to go. This speedy delivery is available in all of the major metro areas along the East Coast.

Another growing group of customers who give us some of the best reviews is the e-commerce group of retailers who know that getting a customer’s order to them in only hours is a sure way to build customer loyalty. Some shoppers are too busy to go into the busy city area just to pick up one or two items that they need, so they order online from the department stores or specialty brick-and-mortar shops. Many of these businesses are offering our Same Day delivery as a premium service to their customers who are more than happy to pay a little bit more for shipping to get their order within a few hours.

Same Day Delivery Along the East Coast Gets Excellent LaserShip Reviews

LaserShip reviews for Same Day delivery are excellent because some packages reach their destination in as little as 30 minutes, while others may take a few hours at the most. Our customers hear from their customers about how pleased they are to be able to make the choice of having their merchandise delivered so quickly. Our Same Day delivery service provides services to many people through delivery of payroll, medication and time sensitive items like life science specimens, organs and tissue and blood, as well as merchandise and business documents. Our HIPPA- and OSHA-compliant dedicated drivers follow the protocols that are required to ensure controlled chain of custody for medical deliveries. Regardless of the reason why you choose our Same Day delivery, you can always track your package anywhere, at any time.

5 Reasons Why We Love LaserShip Reviews

Good news is always well-received, and that is why we really enjoy LaserShip reviews. We have devoted ourselves to finding effective delivery solutions for our customers for the past 26 years. Here are 5 reasons why we love LaserShip reviews:

1. We have 600 LaserShip employees and 2,500 independent couriers who work diligently to get deliveries to their destinations. Our reviews show that deliveries are arriving on schedule, without damage. It is always good to know that when you are working hard that you have successful results.

2. Our reviews tell us that our Continual Improvement Program is working.  Our program uses a variety of techniques to remove the cause of errors and improve on-time performance, such as GPS monitoring of shipments, detailed data capture of every delivery issue, and analysis of issues to identify patterns. We hold daily conference calls with all operational managers to address issues, and we have minimized variations in Standard Operation Managers. We also provide Operations Team training as a means to provide consistent service along the East Coast.

3. Our goal is to attain Lean 6 Sigma Certification, because of our commitment of providing quality service to all of our customers.

4. Our Same Day delivery that is available in every major market along the East Coast is the cornerstone of our business. We have expanded our delivery service to include Next Day delivery and Global Priority delivery, which move products along supply chains and provide last mile delivery.

5. We want all of our customers to know that they can trust us at LaserShip. When we say that a delivery will arrive at a certain time, we want you to know that we take our commitment seriously.

Our great LaserShip reviews tell us that our efforts have been successful. We will continue to strive to provide the absolute best delivery service possible.

Ship Anywhere in the World with LaserShip Global Priority

With LaserShip Global Priority shipping, you can get your packages anywhere in the world. We partner with leading businesses in many different industries, such as medical, entertainment, technological, aviation, biopharmaceutical, and others. Our services include Next Flight Out, Express Freight, On Board Courier, Air Charter, and International.

Our Global Critical Delivery team will help you find the fastest way of shipping, while keeping your budget in mind. They are ready to create comprehensive solutions for you by using faster alternatives, such as charter, commercial aircraft, and truck. Our creative cost-control options mean that you will save money while your delivery arrives faster than by other means.

You can be sure that you will have the ability to view your shipping all along the way with your PC. Our Flight Aware visibility for shipments in the air can track your package en route to its destination, even when it is off the ground. You can always call our friendly consultants at our Operations Center that is staffed 24/7/365, if you need any assistance.

Global Priority Delivery for Domestic and International Shipments

Our team of 600 LaserShip employees is ready to help you with your Global Priority Delivery needs. We have international tariff experts who are driven to save you money, and they are experts at finding shipping solutions for you. Our all-inclusive door-to-door charges are one of the ways that you save when you ship around the world with our services at LaserShip. Customers appreciate the single point-of-contact throughout every step of the shipment process. You can order, track, and report easily, and your invoice library will allow you to manage and analyze costs with easy access.

15 Facts about LaserShip Global Priority Service

You may think of only East Coast last mile delivery when you hear the name, LaserShip, but we also have a delivery service that can take your packages anywhere in the world. This is LaserShip Global Priority Service. Our worldwide delivery service is facilitated by our Global Critical Delivery team that supports the next-flight-out logistics of your most challenging domestic and international delivery needs. Here are 15 facts about LaserShip Global Priority Service:

  1. Our consultants create immediate solutions that work best for your needs.
  2. Your urgency and your budget will be balanced with the solutions that we offer.
  3. Comprehensive tracking technology keeps you informed along the entire delivery process.
  4. We partner with leading businesses in time-critical industries, including aviation, medical, biopharmaceutical, entertainment, and technology.
  5. A wide variety of options are offered to you, including Next Flight Out, Express Freight, On Board Courier, Air Charter, and international.
  6. We offer creative cost control options and all inclusive door-to-door charges.
  7. Pricing is customized, based on your shipping patterns.
  8. International tariff experts will work to save you money.
  9. Our Operations Center is staffed 24/7/364.
  10. You will have a single point-of-contact throughout each step of the shipment process.
  11. We use faster alternatives charter, commercial aircraft, and truck.
  12. You can view every in-transit shipment from your PC.
  13. LaserShip offers Flight Aware visibility for shipments in the air.
  14. You can order, track, and report easily.

An invoice library allows you to manage and analyze costs.

LaserShip Provides Faster Delivery for Less

If you are looking for ways to save on shipping, LaserShip can help. Many e-commerce businesses are discovering just how much they can save when they ship with LaserShip.  Because of increases in shipping costs, many online shoppers simply abandon their shopping carts. National carriers have raised their rates from five to eight percent annually. Fortunately, LaserShip delivery solutions fill the gap. We have the largest one day footprint on the East Coast, with one day service hubs located all along the coastal area from Maine to Miami. Another advantage that we offer is that our infrastructure is built to be flexible. Because of this, we are able to meet your special needs, in most cases. We offer fast delivery to residential customers who make up 75% of our next day shipments. These customers will receive their shipment by 8pm daily. Businesses receive deliveries when they are open, by 6pm.

Benefits of Shipping with LaserShip Next Day Delivery

E-commerce businesses find that our extended critical pull times allow them to process orders later into the evening, which results in more business for them. Our accelerated delivery times are appreciated by their customers who do not need to wait a week to receive their order. Instead, they receive it the very next day. Residential delivery experts know how to get through leasing offices and door men, and how to manage getting packages delivered. We offer Saturday and Sunday delivery that is hard to find with most of the big companies. At LaserShip, we are ready for any market changes that occur. Our 600 LaserShip employees and 2,500 independent couriers are committed to delivering to your customers every time.

LaserShip Technology Provides Maximum Delivery Status Visibility

LaserShip Technology Provides Maximum Delivery Status Visibility

We have designed our LaserShip technology to provide the best possible delivery status visibility for you, your customers, and for our operations team. With real-time tracking at the package, route stop, driver, and scan levels, the location of your package is always visible. We support a range of information transfer protocols to ensure smooth, rapid transfer of the critical information required, including EDI and XML. When we design a custom Delivery Management Portal for your business, it may include digital signature capture, comprehensive reporting, electronic invoicing, automated reporting, i.e. OS&D, performance, and cost, and online inquiries. At LaserShip, we partner with a variety of TMS providers, including ADSI, Agile Networks, and Malvern.

LaserShip Mobile Technology Is Also Specifically Designed for Visibility

Our LaserShip mobile technology is also made to provide the maximum visibility. Handheld scanners feed package location and shipment status to a real-time, web-based database so that our customers can see where their delivery is at all times. A tracking database is dynamically linked to our customer’s internal systems, and tracking system APIs are open for web-based customer reporting.

Many industries depend on our mobile technology, especially during the transport of life science specimens, organs and tissues, blood, and life-saving drugs. For life-sciences deliveries, our HIPPA and OSHA compliant dedicated drivers get deliveries to their destinations quickly. It is possible to track both ground and air shipments, and our customized delivery solutions get samples to labs six to eight hours earlier than national overnight carriers deliver. Also, our web-based tracking keeps hospitals, diagnostic labs, and other medical facilities aware of where the time-sensitive delivery is located, thanks to our mobile technology.

We Are Working to Make LaserShip Complaints Extinct

We Are Working to Make LaserShip Complaints Extinct

We are working diligently to make LaserShip complaints something that may have happened in the past, but no long occurs. Although we do not receive many LaserShip complaints, we realize that most companies do occasionally receive complaints for one reason or another. In our business, a package can get lost or damaged, even with the greatest care and devotion of our employees and independent couriers. Weather conditions, traffic accidents that trap delivery trucks on the highway for hours, and other unforeseen circumstances can also occur. We consider these to be the exception, not the norm, at LaserShip. We are currently using our Continual Improvement Program to ensure that all deliveries reach their destinations on time. Here are some of the steps that we are taking to do this:

  • We are evaluating every step in the logistics process, from receipt of shipments, through proof-of-delivery, to see how we can bring quality assurance to our business
  • Shipments are monitored by GPS
  • We capture detailed data from every delivery issue
  • Issues are analyzed so that we are able to identify patterns
  • We hold daily conference calls with all operational managers to address issues
  • LaserShip has been minimizing variability in Standard Operating Procedures
  • We have stringent Operations Team training

We Resolve LaserShip Complaints Quickly

When damage or late delivery does occur, we work quickly to resolve the problem. Our customers along the East Coast have been using LaserShip for many years. Many industries use our delivery, and they count on us to get packages, medical supplies, organ donations, and more, where they need to be, when promised. We will do everything that we can possibly do to ensure that this happens, with the goal of our customers being happy with our service. We are also working to eliminate all LaserShip complaints.

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