LaserShip Overnight Delivery Service Information

At LaserShip, we provide fast and accurate delivery service for e-retailers. We also provide LaserShip Overnight Delivery Service for time critical deliveries for healthcare logistics, routed delivery, and Global Next Flight Delivery. If you need to ship packages along the East Coast, we have the largest One Day Footprint in this part of the country. We have strategically located facilities along the East Coast to serve you better, and we are growing even more. We have recently added these processing centers to improve our service to you:

  • We moved our very busy Dulles location to Chantilly, Virginia. This 35,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility has two times the amount of space of our Dulles center. There is also over 3,000 square feet of new office space for our regional management team. Increased security, inside loading, and updated networking have improved our delivery service for you.
  • Our LaserShip New Jersey location is now located in Carlstadt in a larger facility of 23,000 square feet. It is three times bigger than our old building and has more docks, an advanced security system, and more office space. We have also added an indoor loading dock for faster sort speed, reduced defects in transit, and for serving you better.
  • We have also added a new branch in Queens with a large loading space so that we can handle higher volume. Our goal is to decrease defects that result from the sort and load process.

You Will Find Many Advantages to Using Our LaserShip Overnight Delivery Service

Extended critical pull times and accelerated delivery times are some of the advantages of using our LaserShip Overnight Delivery Service. There are many more reasons to choose this option to get your deliveries there fast. We are residential delivery experts who can help you ship to your customers in the fastest possible way.

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