LaserShip Reviews Continue to Improve with Our On-Time Service

At LaserShip, we receive many LaserShip reviews that comment on our improved service, including Same Day, Next Day, and our other shipping solutions. Our advanced technology has played a part in helping our attempts to improve our service be successful. We have designed our technology so that you have maximum delivery status visibility, and it is extended to your customers and our operations team. Web-based tools that we use put you in control of the process and in charge of your customer’s experience. Our Supply Chain Solutions team works with our customers to provide a Delivery Management Portal that may have these features:

  • Real-time tracking at the package, route, stop, driver, and scan levels
  • Digital signature capture
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Automated reporting such as OS&D, Performance, and Cost
  • Online inquiries

We Know that Our LaserShip Reviews Will Get Even Better

We are confident that our devotion to improving our services will result in even better LaserShip reviews. One strategy that we use to accomplish this is our mobile technology, including handheld scanners that feed package location and shipment status information to a real-time web-based database. Our customers have real-time visibility of where their packages are located at all times. In addition, our tracking database is dynamically linked to our customer’s internal systems for true embedding from manifest to delivery. Our tracking system APIs are open for web-based customer reporting.

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