LaserShip Reviews Let Us Know that Customers Appreciate Our Fast Delivery

We often hear from our customers that they appreciate our fast delivery service. LaserShip reviews from e-commerce clients often tell us that our next day delivery is the perfect solution for them. Many businesses struggle with the rising cost of shipping. Customers often abandon their carts if the price of shipping costs more than they want to pay. National carriers raise their rates 5% to 8% each year, but e-commerce businesses can offer lower shipping rates to their customers with LaserShip’s low rates. Our services help e-commerce businesses have an edge over the competition with these services that we offer at LaserShip:

  • Saturday and Sunday delivery
  • Extended pick up times and emergency flexibility for critical pull times
  • Residential experience in getting deliveries through doormen and leasing offices
  • Flexible pricing models
  • Scalable fleet to meet seasonal spikes

LaserShip Reviews for Same Day Delivery

Another popular delivery solution that we offer is our Same Day delivery. LaserShip Reviews that we receive about this service are often amazed that we are able to have such a smooth operation along the East Coast. We offer this service in every major market on the East Coast, sometimes delivering packages and shipments within only a few hours. Our same day delivery is available on Saturday and Sunday, a definite advantage to offering Same Day delivery to your customers.

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