Recent Expansions of LaserShip Locations

The strategic placement of our LaserShip locations is extremely important to our delivery service. At LaserShip, we have the largest one day footprint on the East Coast. Because of this, we are able to offer our well-known Same Day delivery and Next Day delivery services. Our one day service hubs reach from Florida to the Southeast, mid-Atlantic, into the Northeast. In our effort to continually improve our on-time delivery service, we have expanded and added to our LaserShip locations in the recent months, making these changes:

  1. Dulles LaserShip, one of our busiest locations, was recently moved to Chantilly, Virginia. With a state-of-the-art facility of 35,000 square feet, we now have the room for smoother operations. We have inside loading docks, increased security, and updated networking capabilities to facilitate better service to our customers.
  1. LaserShip New Jersey location moved to Carlstadt. Our new operation is three times larger than the previous one and has more loading docks and added security. We are pleased that our indoor loading dock has increased sorting speed and reduced defects in shipments.
  1. LaserShip Queens is a new location that has recently opened to take the overflow from our Manhattan location that has grown very quickly. More loading space has enabled us to efficiently handle higher volume in New York City.

LaserShip Locations Are Continually Evaluated for their Effectiveness

Our Continual Improvement Program evaluates our LaserShip locations along with every step in the logistics process. We have implemented a program that will help us remove the cause of errors and improve on-time performance, including GPS monitoring of shipments and detailed data capture of every delivery issue.

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