We Are a Last Mile Delivery Specialist at LaserShip

When you let us run with your last mile delivery at LaserShip, you can be sure that you will benefit from the features that we offer to our customers. We accelerate delivery times and increase flexibility to business conditions so that we can fill in the gaps left by other larger companies that have a one-size-fits-all policy. If you need a later pickup time, consider it done. You will also save on delivery charges. LaserShip is the smart choice for last mile delivery for these reasons and more:

  • We offer extended critical pull times
  • Customized cost-savings
  • Fee-flexible accessorials
  • Easy, comprehensive invoicing
  • Saturday and Sunday delivery
  • Tracking API
  • Custom OS&D and performance reporting

LaserShip Offers Shipping Options that Work

If you have a time-critical delivery that needs to get there within hours, we can help. Our Same Day delivery allows us to get packages and other deliveries to their destination within hours all along the East Coast in major market areas. Our Next Day delivery is an economical option that will ensure delivery, even on weekends. We also have specialized divisions that have been designed for time-critical delivery for healthcare logistics, routed delivery, and Global Next Flight Shipping.

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