LaserShip Last Mile Delivery with Many Options

We offer many different LaserShip last mile delivery options for our customers. Many e-commerce businesses have found that their customers continue to order from them time and time again because their wait time is shortened with our delivery. We are able to save businesses money because our delivery solutions fill the gaps that the large carriers leave. National carriers are raising their rates from 5% to 8% each year, and abandoned carts have resulted from this. Our solutions give e-commerce businesses the competitive edge that they want, plus these features:

  • Extended pick up times and emergency flexibility for critical pull times


  • Saturday and Sunday deliveries


  • Residential know-how for gated communities, door man deliveries, and leasing offices


  • Scalable fleet to meet seasonal spikes

The real-time integration with your internal customer service platforms, order entry software, and ERP that we provide keep you informed of the whereabouts of packages at all times.

LaserShip Has a One Day Footprint that Reaches a Large East Coast Population

Our LaserShip delivery solutions for e-commerce allow you to reach about one-third of the U.S. population that lives along the East Coast of the country. We also offer same day service in metro areas so that you can offer quick delivery, only hours after your customers order. Saturday and Sunday deliveries are also available, and offering this service to your customers is something that they are sure to appreciate.

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