Our LaserShip Same Day Delivery Gets Your Deliveries to Their Destinations Fast

We offer many types of shipping at LaserShip to meet our customers’ needs. One of these is Same Day Delivery, a service that many e-retailers and brick-and-mortar stores use to get products and merchandise in the hands of their customers only hours after they complete their purchases. Businesses find that our Same Day Delivery builds customer loyalty and also brings them other benefits, including these:

  • Businesses can offer this premier shipping option to their customers
  • Delivery 7 days a week
  • Immediate response
  • Flexible service choices
  • Real time tracking
  • Delivery confirmation by email, text message, and smart phone apps
  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Local region service teams
  • API, XML integration options

LaserShip Same Day Delivery with Service Up and Down the East Coast

Our East Coast coverage map shows how we have strategically placed our LaserShip headquarters, sorting facilities, and regional delivery hubs to facilitate Same Day delivery. This service is available within every major market on the East Coast, from Florida to Maine. When you need a delivery to arrive at your customer’s home within only hours, try our Same Day delivery and you will keep your customers happy and returning to you time after time.

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