LaserShip Specializes in East Coast Last Mile Delivery

LaserShip Specializes in East Coast Last Mile Delivery

At LaserShip, we have the largest one day footprint on the East Coast. With our LaserShip Headquarters located in Virginia and LaserShip Sorting Facilities located in Florida, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, we have created a way to deliver your packages with speed and accuracy, from Florida to Maine. Some of our specialty delivery offerings are these:

  • Same Day Delivery – Delivery along the East Coast only hours after we receive your package to be delivered. Express Shipping is available within every major market along the Coast
  • Next Day Delivery – Residential deliveries arrive by 8pm, and businesses receive their deliveries by 6pm or when open the next day. You will appreciate our affordable rates for this service
  • Global Priority – Next flight out for your mission-critical domestic and international deliveries. Other available services are Express Freight, On Board Courier, Air Charter, and International

We also offer Routed Delivery, Pool Distribution, Fleet Outsourcing, and Destination Delivery Unit options.

There Are Many Advantages to Using LaserShip Delivery

Any of our LaserShip delivery options has a long list of features and advantages over other delivery companies. It takes more than 600 devoted LaserShip employees and 2,500 independent couriers who are all committed to on-time deliveries for our customers. With Saturday and Sunday delivery, and options that can save you money on shipping, we know that you will appreciate our devotion to getting your deliveries there on time and in perfect condition.

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