We Are Working to Make LaserShip Complaints Extinct

We Are Working to Make LaserShip Complaints Extinct

We are working diligently to make LaserShip complaints something that may have happened in the past, but no long occurs. Although we do not receive many LaserShip complaints, we realize that most companies do occasionally receive complaints for one reason or another. In our business, a package can get lost or damaged, even with the greatest care and devotion of our employees and independent couriers. Weather conditions, traffic accidents that trap delivery trucks on the highway for hours, and other unforeseen circumstances can also occur. We consider these to be the exception, not the norm, at LaserShip. We are currently using our Continual Improvement Program to ensure that all deliveries reach their destinations on time. Here are some of the steps that we are taking to do this:

  • We are evaluating every step in the logistics process, from receipt of shipments, through proof-of-delivery, to see how we can bring quality assurance to our business
  • Shipments are monitored by GPS
  • We capture detailed data from every delivery issue
  • Issues are analyzed so that we are able to identify patterns
  • We hold daily conference calls with all operational managers to address issues
  • LaserShip has been minimizing variability in Standard Operating Procedures
  • We have stringent Operations Team training

We Resolve LaserShip Complaints Quickly

When damage or late delivery does occur, we work quickly to resolve the problem. Our customers along the East Coast have been using LaserShip for many years. Many industries use our delivery, and they count on us to get packages, medical supplies, organ donations, and more, where they need to be, when promised. We will do everything that we can possibly do to ensure that this happens, with the goal of our customers being happy with our service. We are also working to eliminate all LaserShip complaints.

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