LaserShip Technology Provides Maximum Delivery Status Visibility

LaserShip Technology Provides Maximum Delivery Status Visibility

We have designed our LaserShip technology to provide the best possible delivery status visibility for you, your customers, and for our operations team. With real-time tracking at the package, route stop, driver, and scan levels, the location of your package is always visible. We support a range of information transfer protocols to ensure smooth, rapid transfer of the critical information required, including EDI and XML. When we design a custom Delivery Management Portal for your business, it may include digital signature capture, comprehensive reporting, electronic invoicing, automated reporting, i.e. OS&D, performance, and cost, and online inquiries. At LaserShip, we partner with a variety of TMS providers, including ADSI, Agile Networks, and Malvern.

LaserShip Mobile Technology Is Also Specifically Designed for Visibility

Our LaserShip mobile technology is also made to provide the maximum visibility. Handheld scanners feed package location and shipment status to a real-time, web-based database so that our customers can see where their delivery is at all times. A tracking database is dynamically linked to our customer’s internal systems, and tracking system APIs are open for web-based customer reporting.

Many industries depend on our mobile technology, especially during the transport of life science specimens, organs and tissues, blood, and life-saving drugs. For life-sciences deliveries, our HIPPA and OSHA compliant dedicated drivers get deliveries to their destinations quickly. It is possible to track both ground and air shipments, and our customized delivery solutions get samples to labs six to eight hours earlier than national overnight carriers deliver. Also, our web-based tracking keeps hospitals, diagnostic labs, and other medical facilities aware of where the time-sensitive delivery is located, thanks to our mobile technology.

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