LaserShip Provides Faster Delivery for Less

If you are looking for ways to save on shipping, LaserShip can help. Many e-commerce businesses are discovering just how much they can save when they ship with LaserShip.  Because of increases in shipping costs, many online shoppers simply abandon their shopping carts. National carriers have raised their rates from five to eight percent annually. Fortunately, LaserShip delivery solutions fill the gap. We have the largest one day footprint on the East Coast, with one day service hubs located all along the coastal area from Maine to Miami. Another advantage that we offer is that our infrastructure is built to be flexible. Because of this, we are able to meet your special needs, in most cases. We offer fast delivery to residential customers who make up 75% of our next day shipments. These customers will receive their shipment by 8pm daily. Businesses receive deliveries when they are open, by 6pm.

Benefits of Shipping with LaserShip Next Day Delivery

E-commerce businesses find that our extended critical pull times allow them to process orders later into the evening, which results in more business for them. Our accelerated delivery times are appreciated by their customers who do not need to wait a week to receive their order. Instead, they receive it the very next day. Residential delivery experts know how to get through leasing offices and door men, and how to manage getting packages delivered. We offer Saturday and Sunday delivery that is hard to find with most of the big companies. At LaserShip, we are ready for any market changes that occur. Our 600 LaserShip employees and 2,500 independent couriers are committed to delivering to your customers every time.

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