We Care about LaserShip Reviews

When our customers submit LaserShip reviews, we listen. Our goal is to have every single delivery arrive on time and in the same condition it was in when we picked it up. We care about your need to get your deliveries to their destination, and our business operates on the premise that we will not be satisfied until this happens. We invite you to submit your reviews, questions, compliments and thank you notes to us, because we do listen.

We provide a Feedback Form for you to use that can be found by clicking on our Contact Us link and then on Feedback Form from the dropdown menu. Thank you ahead of time for letting us know how your experience went with our LaserShip team. We have 600 devoted LaserShip employees and 2,500 independent carriers who work diligently to get your shipments where they need to go.

We Receive Positive LaserShip Reviews from the Industries We Serve

Some of the industries that use us to keep their supply chain moving smoothly are these:

E-Commerce – Many of our customers have found that offering LaserShip delivery has helped their sales for several reasons. We allow you to work later because of later pickup times, and our flexibility means that we will do everything possible to meet your needs.

Pharmaceutical – Serving every branch of the pharmaceutical industry, including wholesale, retail, long-term care and home infusion are our specialties. We know that patients rely on their medical supplies and medicines, so we get them to their destinations safely and on time.

Life Sciences – We have become the number one partner for the country’s leading hospital groups because of our reliability and fast delivery. Understanding that an unbroken, visible chain of custody is of utmost importance when delivering blood products, lab specimens, x-rays, medical supplies and interoffice mail is part of our expertise and knowledge that will benefit your organization

Many other industries rely on our accurate, fast, on-time services at LaserShip.

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